Rice Purity Test

Rice purity test is the quiz of 100 questions related to your life that decide your personality, social life and innocence. Answer all questions if you have done and complete the rice purity test. You will get your score at the end of the survey. Here you can do official rice purity test.

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What is Rice Purity Test?

Rice purity test is a test or quiz to check how pure you are. It describe your personality. Rice purity test was created by rice university located in Houston, Texas. It is created for fun. Students love to check their personality through the test so they can improve their personality.

There are total 100 questions, which decides innocence of a person. If someone score 100%, that means they are as pure as GOLD, but if someone score less scores (below 40%), that means they are least pure.

How does Rice Purity work?

You can checkout official rice purity test calculator here. Rice purity test contains 100 questions, you have to answer each questions in yes or no. At the end of the exam, you will get your score about how pure you are in your life.

If your score is less, don’t worry!! Try to improve your self, do exercise or yoga to keep your mind stable.

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Rice Purity Test Score Meaning

Many people are confused about what is the meaning of rice purity test score and how it’s calculated? Here is some of the information about the how rice purity test score calculated. It’s a simple test with questions that should be answered truthfully and as clearly as possible. It aims to divine how morally unblemished you are without need of further verification. The idea is that if you score high enough, then you can consider yourself pure. If you don’t, well… perhaps the title of the quiz is more fitting than first appears given that it’s called: Rice Purity Test!!

100 – 98

The best score is 100-98, but hardly people achieve this score.

Nobody can pass this test with 98% score, but if you passed, you have amazing personality.

You can congratulate your self and celebrate the moment, but it’s rare case if someone fall under this category.

97 – 93

The score 97-93 is also good score. If you are falling in this category, you have mature personality.

These are the people who never settled for anything and have growing personality.

If you achieved this score, little work on your self and mind, you can easily achieve the 100 score.

93 – 77

The score 93-77 show that you are averagely pure. You have probably loved someone.

In a survey, it’s defined that it was achieved by middle class and upper class children or students.

But you don’t need to worry because more than a half of the population fall under this category.

76 – 45

If you are getting score between 76-45, then your purity is tainted.

You will have to change your habits to improve your life and purity.

Below 45

If your score is below 45, your purity is very tainted. You are not loyal to anyone.

To improve, you will have to work a lot on your self. You will also required assistance to find the path in your life.

About Rice Purity Test

It’s a simple questionnaire containing 100 difficult questions. The survey aims to find out how pure your soul is, whether you are indeed prepared for heaven. It seems this purity test has been around forever, which is surprising considering its name is borrowed from someone who only began the Rice University after he had passed. William Marsh Rice dedicated his life to serving others and leaving behind virtues such as empathy, compassion and understanding that were manifested in various good deeds during his lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good rice purity test score?

97 to 94 is good rice purity score. That means you are quite pure.

Does anyone have a 0 on the rice purity test?

Currently, there are no evidence of someone got 0 on the rice purity test. But if you are getting, you will have to work hard on self improvement.

What is a good rice purity score for a 14 year old?

An ideal score for a 14 year old is between 88-92.

When did the rice purity test come out?

Rice purity test has been created in 1924.

How is the rice purity test calculated?

Rice purity test calculated by answering 100 questions given on this site.

Is Rice purity test safe?

Yes, it’s safe. But make sure your parents don’t read your secrets. haha!!

How many questions are there in the rice purity test?

There are 100 questions survey in rice purity test created by rice university.

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